No one gets married with the expectation that they will need an Indiana divorce law firm later down. There are a number of factors that can make maintaining a marriage hard work, a strained relationship can never last in the long run. While every couple faces unique marital issues, many divorces stem from the same common causes. Understanding what are the common reasons couples get divorced may help you with support if you’re facing a legal separation or a divorce.


Infidelity is the culprit behind numerous failed marriages. The reasons why people commit adultery vary, although common ones include feelings of resentment toward one’s partner, lack of emotional intimacy, or boredom. Whatever causes a spouse to stray, it’s often too hard to reestablish the trust needed to stay married.


Not having a common financial goal or even experiencing money troubles can create a number of problems within a marriage. Financial issues like credit card debts, student loans, bankruptcy and foreclosure have led couples to hire their own divorce attorneys and part ways. When one partner is frugal while the other spends freely, recurrent arguments are the likely result.

Lack of Communication

Healthy communication is a key aspect of a good marriage. Couples who cannot communicate effectively tend to grow apart and begin to find everything about the relationship frustrating. Couples may stop talking to one another or only exchange words when arguing.


Addiction often generates upheaval in a relationship since it causes instability and reckless behavior. Both have a negative impact on both spouses, which can make it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship. When one spouse struggles with addiction, the other often finds reconciliation too complicated and ends up seeking legal advice from a divorce attorney.