Hiring a traffic lawyer to fight a ticket is generally a good idea. This is a good decision especially considering some of the long-term consequences of a traffic conviction. The best traffic attorney will have the experience and detailed legal understanding to review your case, identify your options, and represent your interests. Choosing a traffic lawyer is a very important decision, so below are a few questions to ask before deciding to fight a traffic ticket with or without an attorney.

How Long Have You Practiced Traffic Law?

Successfully fighting a traffic ticket takes an understanding of the state traffic laws and the ability to form effective and cogent defense strategies. You may consider a traffic lawyer who has been to court hundreds or thousands of times for traffic offenses. And with a track record of achieving results in cases like yours, the attorney may have a more favorable outcome.

How Much Will My Defense Cost?

Traffic lawyers often offer services on a flat-fee basis, but be sure you understand all of the charges. Some traffic attorneys might advertise low rates, but then charge you higher fees. Make it a point to review the contract carefully and ask about any expenses you don’t understand.

Will You Be with Me in Court?

Many traffic law firms contract other attorneys to handle court appearances or pass off cases to junior associates. Before you make the decision to hire a traffic lawyer, be sure that you will be working with the lawyer that will handle your case. If not, ask to meet the attorney with whom you’ll be working. You may also want to determine if their contact style and hours match yours. Some lawyers prefer to use email to communicate as opposed to over the telephone. And some attorneys have more stringent business hours.