If you are arrested for a suspicion of a DUI, then several things will happen after the arrest. Here are the following processes to expect if you are arrested in Marion County, Indiana.

Arrest Processing Center

Once the officer that arrested you brings you back to the police station, you’ll be starting the Processing phase of your arrest. At this point, you are not obligated to answer any questions outside of basic identifying information. Before taking any steps or divulging any information relevant to the driving under the influence charge, consult with an Indianapolis DUI attorney to ensure you’re being treated fairly and to understand your rights and options.


Bail conditions will be determined on the night of your arrest. Depending upon the circumstances of your arrest and your criminal history, the police officer may release you according to a bail schedule established by Indiana courts.  Otherwise, a magistrate may be contacted and your bail conditions will be set by them.  You may or may not need to pay a bail to get out of lockup. Consulting with a good lawyer at that stage is wise if you are not sure of your situation. You may or may not be released.


Although contacting an Indianapolis DUI attorney prior to arraignment is in your best interest, you might find yourself in court for arraignment without an Indiana lawyer. If you do, at that first court appearance, the judge will read the charges against you and ask you to enter a plea. The available please are:

  • “not guilty,”
  • “guilty,”
  • “nolo contendere” (“no contest”) plea

A variety of defenses are available to those accused of a suspicion of a DUI, so don’t enter a plea without speaking to a seasoned drunk driving attorney at the onset. It is never a good idea to enter a guilty or no contest plea at arraignment for a DUI. If you cannot afford an attorney, thenb requesting a court-appointed attorney is an option at that hearing and should be utilized if you are not in a position to hire counsel.