Whether you want to find a child in your local foster system or abroad, strict rules apply. The right Memphis adoption attorney will help you sort through the necessary paperwork and interviews required to bring a new child into your home.

Local Expertise & Experience

Adoption laws vary from one state to the next, Tennessee is no different.  You want an adoption lawyer who is familiar with your area’s laws and the legislation of the country you hope to adopt from if your adoption is international. The lawyer will know what the best adoption paperwork is to fill out and where to file.

Good Testimonials

When vetting potential adoption attorneys in Memphis, TN, ask for references from any former clients. Any truly reputable law firm will be happy to provide testimonials from their former clients. This will assure you of the competence of the attorney and illustrate the adoption process from a parental point of view.

Fee Structure

The best adoption attorney in Memphis won’t do any good if you can’t afford their rates. However, the most expensive legal representation isn’t necessarily the best lawyer for your case. Ask potential family lawyers about their hourly rates and how much time is involved in the adoption process.

Other Costs

Adoption doesn’t only involve lawyer fees. You may also need to account for the medical fees of the expectant mother, as well as a separate adoption lawyer or counselor to inform her of her legal rights. The latter will ensure there is no conflict of interest.